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We sell AC freon which is a chemical compound or gas whose function is as a fluid to absorb the load of air conditioning or other places that you want to condition the air temperature. Thanks to the freon air conditioner that is exhaled with the help of a fan inside the air conditioner, the air conditioner becomes cold. This freon or refrigerant undergoes phase change from the liquid element to the gas element and then changes back to the liquid form. The choice of quality freon is very influential on the durability of the cooling device, which causes it is non-rust and non-flammable.
Mitra Sukses Aircon is a freon air conditioner / refrigerant distributor company located in Jakarta. We are a freon AC distributor
sell freon air conditioner which is a very important component in the air conditioning system. We provide AC Freon with various brands and types. Selling cheap AC Freon with the following brands:
- Freon AC Dupont
- Freon Chemours
- Pure Refrigerant
Buy through us with cheap and competitive freon air conditioner prices for your needs.

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